What makes our penetration testing software better?

Automate Every Step of Your Penetration Test

Conducting a thorough penetration test is time consuming for even the most experienced pentester. Metasploit makes it easy to automate all phases of a penetration test, from choosing the right exploits to streamlining evidence collection and reporting. Every hour you save is an hour you can spend digging deeper into your network.

Put Your People to the Test

Real attackers know people are generally the weakest link in the security chain. Our penetration testing software creates sophisticated attacks to test user weaknesses, including cloning websites with the click of a button for phishing campaigns and masking malicious files for USB drop campaigns. Keep track of who falls for what to assess your user awareness—or to gain a foothold for a deeper attack. 

Test with Success, Regardless of Experience

Every organization is open to cyberattack, so every defender needs to be able to test their defenses. Metasploit Pro makes the powerful Metasploit Framework accessible to all with an easy-to-use interface, as well as wizards to get you launching and reporting on full pen tests in seconds. 

Gather and Reuse Credentials

Credentials are the keys to any network, and the biggest prize for a penetration tester. With our penetration testing software, you can catalog and track gathered creds for reporting and try them across every other system in the network with a simple credential domino wizard, ensuring you leave no stone unturned.

Become a Next-Level Pen Tester

If you’ve already spent years becoming a Metasploit Framework expert, Metasploit Pro has a lot to offer: Maneuver through a network with ease with VPN pivoting and antivirus evasion capabilities, create instant reports on your progress and evidence, or, best of all, go down into the command line framework at any time and seamlessly use your custom scripts.

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