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The 2022 SANS Top New Attacks and Threats Report Is In, and It's Required Reading

The latest Top New Attacks and Threat Report from the cybersecurity experts at SANS is here — and the findings are critical for security teams.

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Patch Tuesday - September 2022

In this month's Patch Tuesday, we cover the 79 CVEs, including a zero-day privilege escalation, patched by Microsoft this month.

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InsightVM: Best Practices to Improve Your Console

Here are some of the most common improvements to help you get the most out of your InsightVM console in 2022.

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5 Steps for Dealing With Unknown Environments in InsightVM

In InsightVM, we can use a little bit of SQL, an overarching site with a ping sweep, and a nifty little tag to help get a handle on unknown environments.

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Patch Tuesday - August 2022

Microsoft has patched 141 CVEs in their August 2022 updates, including one zero-day affecting the Microsoft Windows Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT).

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What’s New in InsightVM and Nexpose: Q2 2022 in Review

We made several investments to both InsightVM and Nexpose throughout Q2 2022 that will help teams improve and automate vulnerability management.

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To Maze and Beyond: How the Ransomware Double Extortion Space Has Evolved

Our research shows the "market share" of ransomware groups and how much they focused on different types of data.

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InsightVM Release Update: Let’s Focus on Remediation for Just a Minute

We’re pleased to release two InsightVM updates that are aimed at not only improving VM program success but also reducing the effort to get you there.

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Patch Tuesday - July 2022

One 0-day vulnerability, four Critical RCEs, and a whole bunch of fixes for Azure Site Recovery.

5 min Security Strategy

How to Build and Enable a Cyber Target Operating Model

In a recent webinar, Rapid7's EMEA CTO Jason Hart explained the journey to a targeted operating cybersecurity model.

6 min Patch Tuesday

Patch Tuesday - June 2022

Patches for Follina, more NFS and LDAP vulnerabilities, and the beginning of the end for IE11.

4 min Research

The Hidden Harm of Silent Patches

Silent patches limit who understands how to exploit a vulnerability, which sounds like a great plan — but there's a catch.

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Patch Tuesday - May 2022

This month is par for the course in terms of both number and severity of vulnerabilities being patched by Microsoft. There is one 0-day this month: CVE-2022-26925, a Spoofing vulnerability in the Windows Local Security Authority (LSA) subsystem.

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How to Strategically Scale Vendor Management and Supply Chain Security

Here are simple changes that can help you provide more impactful supply chain security guidance and controls to decrease risk.

5 min Vulnerability Management

What's New in InsightVM and Nexpose: Q1 2022 in Review

The product updates our vulnerability management (VM) team has made to InsightVM and Nexpose in the last quarter will empower you to stay in charge — not the vulnerabilities.